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Opera? Indianapolis?

About 6 months ago I was invited to the Basile Opera Center as they hosted a marketing group I am involved with. What?!? Indianapolis? Opera? 35 years? Where have I been. I’ve been meaning to get to a performance ever since and finally made it to La Traviata.

I read up, crash course, had an interesting preview experience at the Indianapolis City Market — and off I went.

I’m not an expert on Opera by any means, this was my first experience. You may have heard that Opera is the most expensive art production. There is a lot of talent involved. When you have the opportunity to experience it, you certainly

La Traviata

understand why. The way the singers can play off of one another’s’ voices. It’s very intimate, emotional, harmonistic. Not going to lie, sometimes if you get too involved in reading the subtitles, you wonder how one can sing certain lines that don’t have much depth, perhaps how I kind of feel about country music in singing about a cup of coffee or singing about a slice of pie.

I wanted to make sure not to get all caught up into reading the subtitles, make sure to tune in and listen, enjoy, be present in what was really happening in the room. Classic. My favorite scene, set and costume designs, were in Act 2, Scene 2 at Flora’s House. Vibrant decor, amazing head pieces.

La Traviata

I will soon host a party with the white screen and a light to act out a story at a future dinner party.

Of course I enjoyed the symphony at the base of the stage, my ears always perk up to the sound of an Oboe. Phenomenal job as expected.

La Traviata is now over, but the Indianapolis Opera’s 2011-12 Season has been announced. I will not miss the one person, one-act opera of Bon Appetit! with you guessed it, based on the 1961 cooking lesson by Julia Child on preparing chocolate cake. Who wants to host a pre/post dinner for this one?


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